TOPSE: Fall Science Meeting

1 3 November 2000

Main Seminar Room, NCAR Mesa Lab


1 November


8:00 Coffee in lobby

8:30 Introduction and Overview Atlas (NCAR)

8:45 Meteorology and Related

Met. Overview/ozonesonde network Merrill (URI)

9:15 Aerosol and Trace Gas Measurements

Remote Sensing/DIAL Browell et al. (NASA Langley)


NMHC/Halocarbons/RONO2 Blake et al. (UCI)

10:15 Break


CO/N2O Coffey et al. (NCAR)

In-situ ozone/NOx/NOy Ridley et al. (NCAR)

PAN and PPN Flocke/Weinheimer (NCAR)

12:00 Lunch


NO2 and Peroxynitrates Cohen/Thornton (UC-Berk)

Acidic Trace Gases Dibb (UNH)

Be7 + Pb210 Dibb (UNH)

Hydrogen and other peroxides Snow/Heikes (URI)

3:00 Break


Formaldehyde/H2O2 Fried (NCAR)

Meteorological Factors Moody et al. Uva

GOES analyses and related Wimmers Uva


[Nitric Acid (CIMS) Zondlo (NCAR)]

[Water Vapor Gandrud (NCAR)]


5:00 Adjourn for day


2 November


8:00 Coffee in lobby

8:30 ALERT 2000 results Bottenheim (Env. Can.)

HOx species

OH/H2SO4 Mauldin (NCAR)

HO2/RO2 Cantrell (NCAR)

Spectrally resolved radiation Cinquini (NCAR)

Ultra-fine aerosols Weber (GIT)

10:00 Break

10:30 TOPSE Modeling

1D Model Wang (Rutgers)

Box Model/CO transport Evans (Harvard)

Stretch Grid Allen (UMd)

12:00 Lunch

1:30 HANK Klonecki/ Hess (NCAR)

MOZART Xie, Emmons (NCAR)

Discussion Sessions (Start Thurs PM, continue Fri AM):

Seasonal Evolution of Gases Atlas/Blake

Ozone Budget Emmons/Wang

Surface Ozone Depletion Ridley/Evans

Vertical Structures and Transport Hess/Moody

Fast Photochemistry Cantrell/Cohen

Other (TBD)


5:00 Adjourn


3 November


8:00 Coffee in lobby

8:30 Discussion Sessions (Continued)

10:00 Break

10:30 Conclude Discussions

Publication Strategies and AGU Presentations

Action Items


12:00 Adjourn Meeting